John Rattray's "Why So Sad?" Video

In 2019, Aberdeen legend John Rattray set out for his third annual fundraising mission to raise funds for mental health awareness and suicide prevention, cycling over 100 miles, only to then pull off his first proper sad plant! 

What John is doing is amazing work and something we should all read in to and have a proper think about.

Depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts are all things that we should be able to talk about to those around us when either of these exist in ourselves. Talking to your friends/family/doctor/local skate shop when something like this is getting to you is the right thing to do and will only help you feel better and get back to a good place, as hard as it may seem. We should all be here for each other.

This year the John teamed up with Real Skateboards, Actions REALized to release some Why So Sad decks along with a tee, both sporting artwork by Jon Horner. A portion of the funds raised from this collaboration will go to help The Ben Raemers Foundation who are also now doing great things to help raise mental health awareness and suicide prevention after Ben sadly took his own life in 2019.

Boards and tees will be available in the shop within the next week or so. In the time being, hit play on the video above to check out John's mission.

One love and remember to talk to your friends, that's what they're there for. :)